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Consulting With Enrique López Mañas

Show Notes: Living By The Code – Enrique López Mañas 4 Hour Work Week – Tim FerrissTools of Titans – Tim FerrissTribe of Mentors – Tim Ferriss

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Episode 8: Personal Finance With John Knox

Show Notes Millionaire Next Door401k Versus Roth 401kLink to what is considered good matchingSolo 401k LinkFire CalculatorThe Little Book of Common Sense InvestingAn Unlucky Engineer’s Guide To Wealth

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Episode 7: GraphQL With Annyce Davis

Show Notes: Annyce’s TwitterAnnyce’s LinkedInGraphiQLIntellij GraphQL PluginAnnyce’s Kotlin Conf TalkGraphQL directivehttps://www.kaggle.comhttps://ktor.iohttps://github.com/pgutkowski/KGraphQLhttps://graphql.org/learnBrian Plummer and Mike Nakhimovich’s GraphQL Talk

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Episode 6: Resilience With Thai Wood

Show Notes: Subscribe to Thai’s Resilience Roundup Newsletter Thai Wood – TwitterJohn Allspaw – In the Center of the Cyclone: Finding Sources of Resilience:Dietrich Dorner The Logic Of Failure Resilience Weekly DiscussionThe Logic Of Failure BookThai’s favorite reviewErik Hollnagel – Safety 1 and Safety 2Hannah Foxwell – Resilient Systems Require Resilient PeopleJessica Kerr – The Origins of Opera and the Future of ProgrammingSydney Decker...

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Episode 5: RxJava For Android Developers with David Karnok

Show Notes:Differences between RxJava v1 & v2Observable v. FlowableSubscribeOn v. ObserveOn

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Episode 4: Salary Negotiation For Software Developers With Stephanie Hurlburt

Show Notes:Stephanie Hurlburt TwitterPatrick McKenzie’s Website Patrick’s TwitterPatio’s notes on salary negotiationErica Baker’s StoryHer TwitterSteli Efti’s TwitterNever Split The Difference Getting to yes

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Episode 3: Designer To Android Developer With Lora Kulm

  In this episode I sit down with Lora to discuss her transition from a designer to a developer. We talk about UI and UX. We also share some mishaps when UX goes wrong in the real world. Show notes:Zeplin Sympli WTF is a SVG Material Design Design of Everyday Things Bonus Q&A with Lora...

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Episode 2: Landing Your First Developer Job With Daniel Kaparunakis

In this episode Daniel shares how he got started as an Android Developer. How he overcame not having a formal computer science education.

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Episode 1: Writing SDKs With Casey Kulm

In this episode we talk with Casey Kulm about writing SDKs.

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Jim In The Hot Seat – 000

Welcome to the intro episode of Everyday Developer. A podcast by and for developers where we talk about more than just software. I’m your host Jim Baca. Today, I’ve asked Sam Gavis-Hughson to interview me (Jim Baca) so that you know who I am and what I want this podcast to be about.

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