Episodes: Masonry

Episode 7: GraphQL With Annyce Davis

Show Notes: Annyce’s TwitterAnnyce’s LinkedInGraphiQLIntellij GraphQL PluginAnnyce’s Kotlin Conf TalkGraphQL directivehttps://www.kaggle.comhttps://ktor.iohttps://github.com/pgutkowski/KGraphQLhttps://graphql.org/learnBrian Plummer and Mike Nakhimovich’s GraphQL Talk

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Episode 6: Resilience With Thai Wood

Show Notes: Subscribe to Thai’s Resilience Roundup Newsletter Thai Wood – TwitterJohn Allspaw – In the Center of the Cyclone: Finding Sources of Resilience:Dietrich Dorner The Logic Of Failure Resilience Weekly DiscussionThe Logic Of Failure BookThai’s favorite reviewErik Hollnagel – Safety 1 and Safety 2Hannah Foxwell – Resilient Systems Require Resilient PeopleJessica Kerr – The Origins of Opera and the Future of ProgrammingSydney Decker...

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Episode 5: RxJava with David Karnok

Show Notes:Differences between RxJava v1 & v2Observable v. FlowableSubscribeOn v. ObserveOn

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Episode 4: Negotiation With Stephanie Hurlburt

Show Notes:Stephanie Hurlburt TwitterPatrick McKenzie’s Website Patrick’s TwitterPatio’s notes on salary negotiationErica Baker’s StoryHer TwitterSteli Efti’s TwitterNever Split The Difference Getting to yes

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Episode 3: Designer To Developer With Lora Kulm

  In this episode I sit down with Lora to discuss her transition from a designer to a developer. We talk about UI and UX. We also share some mishaps when UX goes wrong in the real world. Show notes:Zeplin Sympli WTF is a SVG Material Design Design of Everyday Things Bonus Q&A with Lora...

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Episode 2: Landing Your First Developer Job With Daniel Kaparunakis

In this episode Daniel shares how he got started as an Android Developer. How he overcame not having a formal computer science education.

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Episode 1: Writing SDKs With Casey Kulm

In this episode we talk with Casey Kulm about writing SDKs.

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Jim In The Hot Seat – 000

Welcome to the intro episode of Everyday Developer. A podcast by and for developers where we talk about more than just software. I’m your host Jim Baca. Today, I’ve asked Sam Gavis-Hughson to interview me (Jim Baca) so that you know who I am and what I want this podcast to be about.

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